Barney Frank just stepped up to defend Pelosi

She was asked about her stupid comments about Republicans and how her mouth hurt the passage of the bailout. Barney took the question for her.

Can someone point out the stupidity of slandering the Administration and Republicans with 8 years of failure, but from the other side of your mouth saying that everyone has to get behind the Administration’s bill?

Can the House Republicans step and very publicly say they are tired of getting screwed over by Pelosi and her stormtroopers? If the Democrats need bipartisanship now, the Dems should have been practicing it for the last 2 years?

Can the Republicans in general get serious about corruption and donations? Can someone, anyone, point out that the Democrats are responsible for this mess? The problem would be a lot smaller if the Dems hadn’t blocked reform.

It’s time to fight back.

Some of you folks here serve in the House? Why can’t Republicans rise up righteous and smote them hip and thigh? Here we have a chance to fight back socialism for a few more years, and maybe, just maybe, win an election. Why not get really mean about this whole thing?