It's time for Republican TV ads on the bailout

The fact that the Democrats want to use 20% of the profits from the bailout funds subsidize the corruption of ACORN will not make the pages of the NYT, WAPO, or even the Dallas Morning News. Heck, you can’t even find the fact that ACORN is a criminal organization dedicated to subverting the political process by illegally creating voters. And you sure ain’t gonna find out that Obama sent them $800,000 for their efforts.

If the bailout fails to pass, Republicans are going to take the hit. It’s time to start educating people on the corruption of the Democrats. Since it will never be reported by the MSM, the Republicans need to buy some air time and get it in the news. Any ads that accuse the Dems of corruption will make the 24hr news cycle, and the education will begin.

Winning the war will take millions. Losing will take everything we’ve got for a long time.

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