Has religion raised its ugly head one more time in this campaign?

Sarah Palin was a member of the Pentecostal Church. Past tense. Was. Which many of us consider a plus, in spite of some practices that we personally don’t participate in. It kinda defines her moral positions, as well as the whole Jew/Israeli thing.

Not a surprise, though, is it? The issue has been raised a few…dozen times.

In case you thought religion was going away, it’s not.
According to the TOL, Joe Biden used to belong to the Catholic Church. You would think that the American press might just mention it. Or not. It ain’t going so well for Joe.


The money quote:

On September 2 the Bishop of Scranton, Pennsylvania (a crucial swing state) banned him from communion in his diocese. That is effective excommunication.

Why? Abortion.

That’s got to hurt him as a homeboy from Scranton.

So does the Catholic Church really hate Obama, to interject religion and morality into the campaign? Or is abortion still an important issue to many, many Americans?

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