Can some of you smart people explain why there are no campaign ads on the following topics?

  1. In 2005, McCain understood the roots of our current problems on Wall Street. He proposed legislation that was killed by Chris Dodd. Is a campaign ad detailing these facts in really bad taste or out of bounds? It seems to me that it would go a long way toward countering the attack that he followed the same old policies.

  2. Dodd and Obama received more money from Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Bros. than any other poliiticians. Is it in bad taste to point out that politicians who are bought off are not likely to impose the needed regulation? Okay, bought off is a little. Find a nice way to say “bought off.”

  3. Obama is attempting to undermine the State Department and the executive branch in Iraq. Okay, so he doesn’t like Bush. The fact that he he doesn’t like the President is no reason to break the law. Does Obama feel like he is above the law since he doesn’t like the President?

  4. Should not the topic of abortion be raised at some point? Is it such a killer that it cannot be discussed? It has, in fact, been discussed, and by the Obama campaign. Look, guys, the Catholic Church has finally emphatically and publicly said abortion is wrong. Politicians who protect and advocate abortion policy are wrong, to the point of being disciplined by the Church. No, don’t get involved in church matters and discipline, don’t even mention it. But surely two candidates who support life can make a campaign ad that clearly states their position.

  5. Energy is a big winner. Why can’t McCain and all of the other Republicans running for office make much hay while the sun shines on this topic? Ridicule the stupidity of the bill that got out of the House of Representatives. If Republicans can fairly be tarred with Bush, Democrats can be tarred with Pelosi and Reid.

  6. Why no ad on Rangel? He admitted that he didn’t pay taxes. He admitted to felonies. Why no ads about the fact that he still serves in Congress, deciding tax policy?

I’m sure there are other issues. I would like to see one of those chat sessions between you smart guys on what ads would be acceptable. But mostly I would like to win this election.

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