Obama Amdinsitration rewriting Bush Presidential Biography

Through the campaign, through the transition, and now into the Presidency, the Obama administration has fermented a reputation for altering their websites with the zeal of an obsessive-compulsive tailor. Now they are rewriting history, one word at a time, by altering President Bush’s biography.

The article from Pro Publica,

References to Bush creating “prosperity” through “an ownership society” are stripped in the new version, and praise of the No Child Left Behind Act has been softened.

We contacted the White House for comment, and a spokesman told us that the version of the biography currently on Whitehouse.gov is actually not new, but an old one written at the end of the Bush administration.

Our research says otherwise. The biography preserved in the National Archives is a near-perfect match for the old version, suggesting that the version now on Whitehouse.gov is, indeed, new. (Peter Bray, founder of Versionista, the system that drives ChangeTracker, just wrote a piece in Slate about the changes.)

Is this standard practice or even a big deal? I don’t know, but I found this unsettling because it was lame, sneaky, and they had the gaul to deny it. There is much truth in the statement, “To the victors go the spoils.” But that is usually left to a conqueror, not a publicly elected official. I just wonder how many more “changes” they are going to enact when it comes time to start covering for their failures?