Perspective on the Bush Presidency, from the Right and the Left

There are many takes on why President Bush was either a bad President or one of the best ever. Here is an offering of two of the fairest assessments I have found on the Left and the Right.

From Dissenting Justice, an open minded Progressive weblog that is actually a very good read. The author, Professor Darren Hutchinson, usually gives a poignant and well thought analysis on politics and current events. You don’t have to agree him, but at the least, his writings are not full of vitriol and hubris, as can be seen in his opening statement.

Get a Grip People: Bush Is not the Worst President in U.S. History

I have always found surveys that ask people to rank presidents a little silly. People who complete these surveys often fail to look beyond their own reality and consider figures from the past. Also, even when people look to the past, they usually employ contemporary standards to judge historical conduct. But many political positions that are suicidal today, were perfectly acceptable in the past (and vice versa). Not taking this into account can cloud our assessment of historical actors. Finally, in order to determine a president’s place in history, we might have to wait until long after the person leaves office before we can accurately ascertain the longterm impact of the individual’s term in office. read more…

WithBias, is written by a little spitfire of an online Conservative activist. BiasedGirl, the author, tends to use great sourcing to back up her posts and opinions. Links are abundant to viable sources, and her conclusions, sometimes with a populist draw, follow a reasoned line of logic that she ferociously backs up with hard evidence. At the bare minimum, all she can be accused of is being passionate about her movement. Definitely a good read if you want some great debate.

Presently, she has an ongoing series about the Bush II years versus the Clinton years.

Shocker! Bush Not the Worst US President

With Tuesday’s looming immaculate inauguration, we will see the conclusion of the Presidency of George W. Bush. A man maligned by the media from the beginning of his first term when they demanded recounts until he won then called it a “stolen election”. To the final days of his second term, when Everyone is trying to define the Presidency of W as one of, if not ‘the worst in history’. read more..

Facts Reveal: Bush Actually A Good President!

In yesterday’s post I revealed why George W Bush has been a superior President to the Liberal hero Bill Clinton, on matters of Civil Rights, Protecting us from Terrorists, and the Military, regardless of what you might have heard. Today I’m taking a look at what Karl Rove would call the “kitchen table” issues. read more…

While I may not personally agree with the totality of either of their conclusions, they’re at least making an attempt to think about their positions. In turn, hopefully their readership will draw the proper judgments about the out-going President and the historical ramifications of his governance. Judgments that are based on reality and not mired down with ignorant memes and talking points.

Both blogs are highly recommended.