The Loyal Opposition has spoken, for the first time.

Senator David Vitter (R-LA.), introduced legislation on the floor of the Senate to block the release of the second half of the TARP money on Thursday. Of course, the bill was defeated, but at least some took a stand against this reckless fiscal behavior.

S.J.RES.5, was a joint resolution which would have blocked the release of the second half of the TARP funds. It was summarily defeated 42-52, with two Senators voting present, and three abstaining.

This is a list of the Senators, who voted for and against the legislation, taken from the United States Senate official roll-call list.

The list of opposition is quite surprising; eight Democrats, one Socialist, and Mac the RINO, make that nine Democrats, sided with the GOP. Ironically, among the Republicans to vote in favor of releasing the funds was Senator Kyl (R-AZ), the Senate Minority Whip.

Initially, the passage of this bill caused a minor shakeup for Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid. Reid had some words of wisdom for Congress and the American people, prior to the vote.

From The Hill,

“Barack Obama has made it clear that he understands the mistakes of the prior administration and will not repeat them,” Reid said minutes before the vote. “I believe this is the road to a recovery for our country. Let’s just trust Barack Obama.”

It was reported that Reid’s eyes glossed over and he appeared to be in an almost catatonic and zombie like state while uttering the last sentence of his speech.

Republicans face and almost certain defeat at trying to stop the upcoming Obastimulus package. However, if they can muster enough support from Fiscal Dems, in the House and Senate, and maintain control over their own ranks, they “might” be able to effect some positive change to the legislation. As it stands now,though, their chances for anything are slim-to-none, and Slim already left town.

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