Democrat, John McCain, says seat Burris

Sen. John McCain (D-Arz.), in an interview with Neil Cavuto, stated he did not have a problem with Roland Burris being seated. The highly Progressive Liberal Senator from Arizona admitted he is no constitutional scholar of the Illinois state constitution, but, this appointment seems legal.

McCain is attempting to return to his Liberal roots, after a brief foray into Conservative territory, by getting on the Dianne Feinstein bandwagon.

Excerpt from the Cavuto interview, via ABC’s, The Note;

The Note-Cavuto: “Let me ask you, because you have this side soap opera going with Blagojevich and whether Burris is going to be seated. Do you think it should be resolved quickly so, as Barack Obama seems to be saying, move on with the people’s business?”

McCain: “Well, I hope so and it’s not my business, either one. But in the case of Sen. Burris, I don’t see what grounds you deny him being seated.”

Cavuto: “So, you would seat him?”

McCain: “Certainly, because I think he has been legally appointed by a governor who has not been … “

Cavuto: “But the governor might be impeached, thereby negating his appointments.”

McCain: “I don’t know if you can negate it that way. I’m not the constitutional scholar of the Illinois state constitution but it seems to me that the individual was chosen in a legal manner, who I have never met, by the way.” read more…

Well, dear Senator, you are right, you are no scholar on the law and your ignorance is shining through like the sun. So, let’s go to the experts and see what they have to say about the legalities of Illinois State law versus Federal law, concerning the seating of Burris.

SCOTUS Blog-Thus, the commentary was only related to state law. In any event, it [Illinois State Court] could not bind the Senate because (1) the Senate’s refusal to seat Burris up to now was not before the state court, (2) the state court’s authority to command the Senate to seat Burris is doubtful at best, and (3) its musings about what the Seventeenth Amendment required was unnecessary for it to resolve the purely state issue that was technically before it. read more…

Maybe it is time for McCain to just defect. This “maverick” garbage is just getting wearisome and quite frankly, so is the Senator. It’s a sad day in hell when Obama will probably govern closer to center-right than McCain, had he won the Presidency.

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