Harry Reid: Leader of Leader's

Harry Reid, is at times, a painful person to try and watch; he is ineffectual, bungling, and a sham of a leader. He is the perfect face-man for the progressive side of the Senate leadership. Embodying all of their negative attributes which will eventually lead to more feeble and clueless decision making.

Recently, Reid was contemplating using armed guards to prevent Roland Burris from being seated as the Senate replacement for Obama. It did nothing to strengthen him as a leader. Quite the contrary, he showed his fear and uselessness by allowing this to be spoken about in a public forum. Rather than taking control and meeting with Burris himself, he chose a craven and cowardly approach and hid behind his authority.

Then there is the question of Reid’s flunkies in the Senate and their disregard for him. He is in command of an overwhelming majority of the chambers in the Senate. However, his troops are undisciplined and have very little respect for their officer in charge.

While attempting to give the impression of a unified front against the Burris appointment. Reid was back-doored by other senior Senators who have protested over Burris not being allowed to take his position. This has caused Reid to do a 180 degree turn around, concerning a very serious situation. One which he should remain steadfast on.

Let’s not forget Reid’s feeble attempts to portray himself as a Senate tough guy. An approach which is humorous and pathetic, all at the same time. His latest chest-beating, against President-elect Obama, is a perfect example. In flawed Pelosi fashion, he has claimed that he does not work for the President-elect, however he will work with him. Or trying to convince the electorate, and himself, that Burris has not out-foxed the supposed “wily” Washington veteran. I am sure both the President-elect and Burris are sleeping more soundly with these proclamations.

Reid is a horrible example of what a leader should be. He has none of the characteristics that were displayed by wise and prominent legislators of the past. Hopefully, he will be removed from his post by the voters of Nevada, the country has suffered enough of his failed political leadership.