Gay McCarthyism and Tyranny of the Minority

A raucous is being raised by the homosexual community over a small restaurant’s donation of $100 to the Prop 8 campaign. Attempts at appealing to the protesters by making and even larger one to repeal Prop 8 still has not quelled gay activists from boycotting the business.

After a sit down with activists at the restaurant, the El Coyote, the group could still not be dissuaded from their protest. El Coyote employees raised $500 to be donated to repealing Prop 8. However, the “activists” were adamant that Marjorie Christoffersen, the woman who made the original donation and daughter of the owner, donate $100 to assist in the repealing Prop 8 campaign, personally.

Christoffersen refused on grounds of her Mormon faith. As she left the meeting “You are not my friend if you take my civil rights,” was shouted at her by an activist.

El Coyote manager’s have stated that their business has been slashed by 30% since the onset of protesting. According to a Wall Street Journal article, internet blacklists of businesses, where one or more employees or management, donated to the Yes on 8 campaign are appearing.

Tyranny of the Minority:

The Wall Street Law Blog just ran a post on which grounds California AG, Jerry Brown, is attempting to declare Prop 8 unconstitutional before the state Supreme Court.

WSJ LawBlog-Although voters are allowed to amend other parts of the Constitution by majority vote, to use the ballot box to take away an “inalienable” right would establish a “tyranny of the majority,” which the Constitution was designed, in part, to prevent, he wrote. “For we are talking, necessarily, about rights of individuals or groups against the larger community, and against the majority — even an overwhelming majority — of the society as a whole.”

Interesting that McCarthyism and legal intervention, blocking the will of the voters, are now the new weapons of the LGBT community; all under the guise of protecting “civil rights.” While homosexuals engage in selective targeting operations of people who opposed their movement. Not one iota of thought is being given to the civil rights of these individuals who backed Prop 8. They have been relegated to smear campaigns, vandalism, and now blacklisting. Unfortunately, there is nothing civil about any of this.