What happened to the Good ole Days?

Reagen said during his administration that we should go back to the good ole days. To me the good ole days were the 80’s. I really miss those days. The music the carefree times. Of course I was a teen and a young adult in those days. I was recently made aware that there is supposedly a difference between “White” hearing and “black” hearing about the Good ole days. Here is part of what I am talking about.

A black guy in his mid-20’s named Mike called into a radio show the other day, and he commented that “black people don’t hear things the same way whites do.”  We blacks apparently  “hear black.”

So blacks don’t hear the statement “Take me back to the good ol’ days” the same way as whites.  Blacks are not nostalgic at all about “the good ol’ days”, and believe this to be “code” for taking blacks back to the bondage of slavery. http://theblacksphere.net/site/hearing-black/

I can’t wait until I get this new book coming my way. It is called the Big Black Lie… I can’t wait to read this to understand better how the Democratic party uses blacks and keeps the racial divide going. Also how Republicans get blamed for being the Racists. http://www.amazon.com/BIG-Black-Lie-Learned-Democrat/dp/061530222X

I am posting these things to bring your attention to things I feel we ignore and need to know in order to help the Republican party to move forward and wake up those who are under the spell of the Democrats.