Same old liberal play book

You can make book on it, every time there is an election, the ministry of propaganda will exclaim how stupid the non-Marxist candidate is and how brilliant the Marxist is.

The Massachusetts special, senatorial election is no exception.  Writing today at Boston.com, former Boston Globe columnist, Brian McGrory tells his readers:

Scott Brown may not share the political values of most of the state and may lack the experience for the US Senate. And, let’s be honest, his nights probably aren’t tied up with Mensa meetings.

Scott Brown won’t be tied up with Mensa meetings?  Are we to assume that the blithering idiot running on the Marxist ticket, Marcia Coakley will?

This school of thought is the same that exults the mental prowess of such political pygmies and economic illiterates as Jimmy Carter, John Kerry, Hussein the Usurper and the Marxist wizard of smart Al Gore.

During the run up to the 2000 election I remember the Marxist media repeatedly asking, “is Al Gore too smart to be president?”.

As recently as June 1, 2007 the ministry of propaganda was still exclaiming the brilliance of the father of the man-made, global warming truther movement.  In a op-ed piece in the Boston Globe, Eugene Robinson wrote:

Al Gore has been in town launching his new book, “The Assault on Reason,” and you could have predicted the buzz: Is he about to jump into the race? What you probably wouldn’t have predicted is the counter-buzz that Gore, poor fellow, is just too ostentatiously smart to be elected president.

Al Gore “too ostentatiously smart”?  Is he referring to the same Al Gore that flunked out of divinity school?  Conniving, nefarious, and underhanded, come to mind before “too ostentatiously smart”.  Let’s be honest Mr. Robinson, if Al Gore is too smart for you to understand perhaps it is because his mindless prattle is incomprehensible to anybody with a room temperature IQ.  Or perhaps your statement is more telling of your mental capacity than his.

“Is Al Gore too smart to be president”?

God help us!