Anthony Kennedy may decide the fate of ObamaCare, America, Liberty

Regardless of the outcome of Tuesday’s special, senatorial, election in Massachusetts, Hussein the Usurper will have his ObamaCare bill. Whether it is by super majority, reconciliation, or executive order, the current occupant of the White House will attempt to subjugate America with the shackles of international Marxism.

Elections have consequences and such is the price America will pay for electing the most nefarious Fifth columnist in the history of the Republic and giving him a super majority in both houses of congress.

Once ObamaCare is passed it will be challenged in the corrupt federal court system and finally make its way to the Supreme Court. In the Supreme Court, justices Ginsberg, Breyer, Stevens and Sotomayor will come down on the side of their international Marxist allies in the White House and Congress. Justices, Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, and Alito will decide in favor of the Constitution, the Republic, the People, and liberty.

The deciding vote will lie in the hands of Anthony Kennedy. Justice Kennedy will hold in his hands the future direction of representative government and the animating contest of freedom. If he aligns himself with the international Marxists one of three outcomes may occur.

First, individual states will attempt to nullify ObamCare. Second, solvent, independent defenders of state’s rights may attempt secession. This could ultimately lead to America’s second “Civil” War, a war of Federal Aggression.

The third and most likely outcome, if history is any indicator, will be that spineless governors and state legislatures will abandon any further notion of state’s rights and a republican government and cast their citizens into the abyss of international Marxism.

Make no mistake, ObamaCare is not just the annexation of 1/6 of the nation’s economy, it is the complete takeover over of individual rights. ObamaCare is the antithesis of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Once the international Marxists take control of health care, Washington D.C. will control every aspect of human behavior; what we eat, what we drink, what we wear, what we drive etc.

How much safer would the rights of the states and the citizens of the last best hope of mankind be, if instead of Anthony Kennedy, the final vote was in the hands of Robert Bork?

Choose wisely Justice Kennedy, the fate of liberty and future of the Republic may very well rest in your hands.

God help us!