Greedy Capitalists?

Jada Harper, a seven year old girl from Green Forest, Arkansas, was diagnosed in June with a malignant brain tumor.  The tumor is a brain-stem glioma and is inoperable.

In July, Jada was taken to the world renown M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.  She was given chemotherapy and radiation which began to shrink the tumor but the little girl was given only 18 months to live.  Unfortunately, three weeks ago, part of her brain was killed when she had a seizure and slipped into a coma.  She is currently unable to breath without the use of a ventilator.

From Harrison Daily Times:

The child’s grandmother said medical experts at M. D. Anderson’s recently gave Jada’s parents a choice: to give her further radiation, which might buy her six months — “They said she could stay here, and let her lay here and let us keep her alive for maybe six more months. Or — you could take her home and give her three months.”

Wanda said Savannah and Jason “couldn’t bear to think about her lying there in that hospital for six more months. They decided to take her home to her family, to everyone who loves her. Everybody is here.”

To bring Jada home to Arkansas to spend her final days with her family and loved ones would require transport by air ambulance.  The cost of an air ambulance would be $10,000 – $15,000.

Enter the greedy, capitalist, pigs at Federal Express.

Tiffany Gilliam, a close friend of Savannah’s (Jada’s Mother), kept updating Andrea Martin, Green Forest Elementary principal, with what was going on with Jada. Andrea called someone she knew at FedEx to see if they could help. She called the right person when she called Kelly Madewell, who is flight operations specialist at FedEx Freight in Harrison.

“This all took place on Thursday,” Wanda said. “The next thing we knew, Savannah called us from Houston, and she was crying and crying. She said they had called her to tell her that FedEx had a flight coming to pick her and Jada up and bring them home.”

God help Jada and her family.

God help us all!


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