Not this time!

They balkanize our populace and we fall back.  They tear down our institutions and we fall back.  They confiscate the fruits of our labor and we fall back.  They steal our God given liberties and we fall back.  They nationalize our industries and we fall back.

Not this time.

The line is drawn here.

This far. NO FURTHER.

Obama, not only are you a liar, you are an abject liar.  I will not apologize.  The apologizing should be done by you.

Unlike FDR, who sold the greatest Ponzi Scheme in history by telling the American people one thing and the supreme court another, we will fight you, tooth and nail, until the end.

While you lament the real-time dissemination of information, the shortened "news" cycle, it serves your victims well.

You say HR3200 doesn’t say what it says, prove it.  Illegals won’t be allowed to rape the system?  Where’s the mechanism for proving eligibility?

There are no "Death Panels"?  What do you call a group of bureaucrats deciding whether someone is worthy of care or not?

Private insurance companies won’t be put out of business?  How can a company stay in business when it can’t take on new customers?

Care won’t be rationed? Really? Go back to school you economic illiterate.  Anything that does not exist in an infinite supply is rationed.  The free market is the rationing mechanism of liberty.

Obama, you are a liar.  And a Marxist; but I’ll save that for another time.

God help us!