4000 convicts receive stimulus checks

“President Obama’s $787 billion stimulus bill has done more to help convicted criminals than it has to actually boost our economy and create jobs,”

The Boston Herald is reporting that as many as 4,000 criminally convicted individuals were sent federal stimulus checks with a cost to American tax payers of almost $1 million.

Twenty-Three inmates in Massachusetts received checks and among their ranks are a prisoner convicted of first-degree murder, three prisoners jailed for second-degree murder and five convicted rapists.

Not surprisingly, only five of the inmate recipients in Massachusetts have the money to pay back the improper payments.

The Inspector General of Social Security is now tracing the checks that were mailed to 3,900 prisoners at a cost of nearly $1 million after yesterday’s report in the Herald.

Social Security Administration spokesman Stephen Richardson said yesterday none of the prisoner recipients receive monthly Social Security benefits, meaning they should not qualify for a stimulus check. Such benefits are generally cut off to the incarcerated.

The IG also is investigating whether any improper payments were made to dead beneficiaries, felons on the run from the law, individuals living overseas and recipients no longer legally authorized to live in the United States, said IG spokesman George Penn.

Perhaps, in this case, crime does pay.

God help us!