LA striving to become greenest city

The city of Los Angeles is leading the way in energy conservation by wasting electricity and tax dollars.

From nbclosangeles dot com:

In some areas, the city has been leaving streetlights on all day long, needlessly burning electricity in broad daylight. Even worse, residents tell us they’ve been calling the city’s 311 line for months, asking the city to turn off the lights during the day, all to no avail.

Like good liberals, the city tells its citizens to do one thing while it does the exact opposite.

Los Angeles urges its citizens to to turn off their lights at home whenever they’re not needed. But city officials had a hard time explaining why they have been leaving their streetlights on during the day when they’re not needed.

When confronted by NBC, LA’s head of the Bureau of Street Lighting, pointed the finger at anyone he could think of, from the Department of Water and Power, to the contractor that upgraded the lighting system, finally resting the blame on the evil, for profit, streetlight manufacturer, Sequoia Lighting.

I wonder how long before Sequoia Lighting is taken over by the government?

This story encourages me, however. For the last few years I have been striving to become a carbon neutral bowler. I have sought to lead the way for other conservationist bowlers by leaving my black, H2 running while I bowl. It is cold here in the People’s Republic of Michigan. So I leave my Hummer on for the three hours I’m inside bowling. I’m just trying to do my part.

God help us!

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