Don't spit in my face...

and tell me it’s raining, goes the old adage.  But that’s exactly what vice president Biden and the Obama administration are doing to Americans.

In his first quarterly, report on the “stimulus plan”, Joe Biden makes some outrageous claims that are better classified as outright lies.

From the AP:

In his first quarterly report on the nation’s stimulus package, Vice President Joe Biden uses anecdotes to paint a glowing picture of an economy on the rebound. In reality, the picture is incomplete and the colors far more muted.

It is not disputed that Washington is spending historic amounts of money at a rate far faster than normal. Workers are getting tax breaks, Washington is picking up a greater share of state Medicaid costs and road construction projects are beginning.

Workers are getting tax breaks – really? I work everyday, 50 hours a week, I haven’t received a tax break.

To believe any of the claims made in this report would require more than a “suspension of disbelief”, it would require a suspension of cerebral activity.

Based on 567,000 tax returns claiming the $8,000 tax credit, which is really a loan that has to be repaid, Biden claims that the stimulus is “driving increased activity in the home sales market”.  These are tax returns from the calendar year 2008, the Obama stimulus wasn’t enacted until 2009.  Further,

The report cites anecdotes from a New Orleans business journal to back up the claim…

Since February, sales of existing homes have fallen 3 percent and new home sales are down .6 percent.

Other claims by in the report are even more hard to stomach. Consider the claim that the administration has created or saved 150,000 jobs in the first quarter. This, in spite of the report acknowledging that, since February, the country lost 1.3 million jobs. How does the report reconcile these figures?

The argument is that the job numbers would have been even worse had it not been for the stimulus, and the difference between those numbers is a net positive.

The story concludes with a statement that “Spending money will put people to work.”. Not any spending, especially government spending. Only private sector investment will put people to work.

Again, Biden and the Obama administration resort to lies, caper, word games, obfuscation, and subterfuge, to fake out the economically illiterate.

God help us!
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