Jesse Jackson rallies auto workers

Jesse Jackson led a bus rally today in Michigan.  The “Keep It Made in America” tour made stops in Hamtramck, Dearborn, Sterling Heights and Pontiac and is supposed to bring awareness to the plight of the American auto industry and its workers.

From detnews dot com:

The Rev. Jesse Jackson led a crowd of about 200 supporters with chants including “Reinvest in our land” and “Keep hope alive” in Hamtramck. He was joined at the rally by celebrities and several elected officials, including Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich.

Stabenow, never letting a good crisis go to waste, likened the current state of affairs in Michigan to Hurricane Katrina.

Stabenow advocated for health care changes and free trade. She likened the area’s woes with New Orleans, post Hurricane Katrina.

“The water has seeped in every home. We are here to say, ‘We will not go under,’ ” Stabenow said. “”We need to make sure our companies that are competing with other countries know their country is with them.”

Senator Stabenow is advocating for fee trade?  This is the free market at work.  American auto companies can no longer make and sell cars in America at a profit.  The market, no matter what the political geniuses do to manipulate it, is getting what it wants, lower labor and automobile prices.  Unfortunately, that means the party is over for in-efficient companies.  No longer can American auto companies pay nearly double the price of labor than its foreign competitors and stay solvent.

Also, free trade is exactly what allows companies to produce products over seas and import them to America.

Not to be deterred by market forces, Warren Mayor, Jim Fouts:

issued an executive order that requires his appointees to buy American-made when they purchase their next vehicle. Now, he’s negotiating with the city’s employee unions to include a “buy American provision” in the union contracts for the upcoming year.

If he succeeds, the order would apply to approximately 800 full-time city employees. The current employee contracts expire in June.

“It’s a priority and a must. If something happened to General Motors or Chrysler, I would not be able to pay the high salaries I pay now or keep everyone employed,” he said. “I am developing a strategy for expanding my campaign. I would like to see other county officials and school officials embrace the same thing.”

If employees want to retain their jobs, they must buy American-made cars.

This is just what Detroit and America needs, another attempt by an economic illiterate to stop hemorrhaging with a band-aide.

God help us!

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