Ok, I'll take the credit

If nobody wants to take credit for kicking Arlen Spector out of the Republican Party, I will, even though I’m not a Republican.

Kicking Spector so hard he’s wearing his behind for a hat and sending him to the enemy camp is a brilliant stratagem.  Working with the strategic precision of a HAZMAT team, the Republicans isolated, removed and exported a deadly infection that plagued the party for decades.  Instead of waiting for the quarantine of election defeat, they wrapped and neatly bundled this stubborn virus, and unleashed it upon the ranks of the enemy.  If it acts accordingly, the putrid fever that is Arlen Spector, will mutate into unknown strains, spread, infect and irreparably damage the Democrat party.

Once this virus has run its course, ending in a sound electoral defeat in 2010, Pennsylvania and the rest of America can convalesce.

Now, if only someone can come up with a vaccine or cure for Snowe, Collins, Hatch, and Graham the road to recovery would be exponentially smoother.  A cure for McCain may be coming in the near future.

God help us!

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