Happy Birthday Lenin

For Obama voters, that’s Vladimir Ilych Lenin, not John Lennon of the Beatles.

How fitting, that the eco-lunatics have designated Earth Day to coincide with the day of their spiritual leader’s birth.  A more fitting day could not have been chosen.

Vladimir Lenin lead the Bolshevik/October Revolution that enslaved Russia and most of Eastern Europe for over 80 years and killed tens of millions of innocent people.  Lenin once compassionately said:

“Who cares if 3/4 of the world’s people die, as long as the remaining 1/4 are communist.”

Lenin must be thrilled with the direction the world has taken. His followers, under the veil of environmentalism, advocate population reduction and some, human extinction, “reasoning” that the nasty, carbon dioxide emitting, breathing process, humans use makes them the biggest polluters and destroyers of the planet.

He must have a tingle in his spine, much like Chris Matthews, knowing that a Marxist, obsessed with infanticide, occupies the most powerful office in the world.

In his wildest dreams, Lenin could not have imagined that 85 years after his death, after all of his asinine theories have been proven false, after tens of millions of people have been slaughtered, that his followers would be able to spread his noxious doctrine to places he never thought possible, namely America.

To Lenin and his followers, I pray only that your eternal stay in hell is commensurate with the carnage you inflict/ed on earth.

God help us!

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