Czech Prime Minister - Obama's plan is 'road to hell'

Another Czech leader, along with Czech President Vaclav Klaus, knows what 47 million American voters already knew, Obama is an economic illiterate, Marxist, and his policies are a one way, non-refundable, ticket to hell.

From Guardian dot co dot uk:

The scale of transatlantic friction over a concerted plan for global economic recovery was exposed today when the current European Union president branded Barack Obama administration’s programme as a “road to hell” and said European leaders were “quite alarmed” at the White House’s policies.

Mirek Topolanek, the Czech prime minister, revealed that last week’s Brussels summit – which exposed differences between Gordon Brown and Germany’s Angela Merkel – heard strong criticism of the US recovery programme.

The incendiary comments were made in Topolanek’s report to MEPs at the European parliament in Strasbourg on last week’s EU summit. They came only a week before Obama arrives in Europe for the first time for the G20 summit, hosted by Brown in London, aimed at outlining global action to tackle recession.

Topolanek’s criticism flatly contradicted Brown’s comments, delivered in his first speech to the European parliament on Tuesday, in which the prime minister talked of a “new era” of transatlantic cooperation on the financial crisis.

Whenever the Ministry of Propaganda’s says something is incendiary, the statement should be read with the word true or truth in its place.  Mirek Topolanek continued:

“The US treasury secretary talks about permanent action and we at our [EU summit] were quite alarmed by that. He talks about an extensive US stimulus campaign. All of these steps are the road to hell.”

Topolanek, leading authority on the global warming hoax, Czech President Vaclav Klaus, Congressman Ron Paul, and Member of European Parliament, Daniel Hannan, seem to be the only advocates of free market economics left in an increasingly socialist world.

Too bad these Czechs weren’t eligible to run for President, or given the current occupant of the office, perhaps they are.

Who ever thought a former soviet bloc country would be giving America a lesson on economics?

God help us!

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