What Killed Natasha Richardson?

Perhaps a better question would be, what would have saved her? The answer, American health care. The health care system in the United States, though constantly maligned, is the best health care system in the world. This article from the New York Post makes the case that had Richardson been injured at an American ski resort, with access to American health care, the chances are good that she would have survived, even after initially refusing assistance.

COULD actress Natasha Richardson’s tragic death have been prevented if her skiing accident had occurred in America rather than Canada?

Canadian health care de-emphasizes widespread dissemination of technology like CT scanners and quick access to specialists like neurosurgeons. While all the facts of Richardson’s medical care haven’t been released, enough is known to pose questions with profound implications.

Richardson died of an epidural hematoma — a bleeding artery between the skull and brain that compresses and ultimately causes fatal brain damage via pressure buildup. With prompt diagnosis by CT scan, and surgery to drain the blood, most patients survive.

Could Richardson have received this care? Where it happened in Canada, no. In many US resorts, yes.

And this is the health care 52 million Americans want to bring here.

God help us!

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