Quakers Celebrate Cop-killer

On December 9, 1981 Mumia Abu-Jamal killed Philadelphia Policeman Danny Faulkner.  With overwhelming evidence, Mumia was convicted, and is currently serving a life, prison, sentence in the Pennsylvania.

The Quakers, who claim to oppose all violence, celebrate Mumia.  His portrait hangs in the window of the American Friends Service Committe, a Quaker organization, with a banner proclaiming Mumia as a Philadelphia, hometown hero.  Making matters worse, the celebration of Mumia continued, where only blocks away at a Catholic Cathedral, another slain police officer, John Pawlowski,  was laid to rest.  Apparently, Quakers, are opposed violence, except when it is directed at police officers.

This video, by Marnie Hall at Philly.com, gives much more information on Mumia and the Quakers.

FYI: I tried to embed the file but the kept getting an error message so I provided the link.  The video is posted and available at Philly.com, I just watched it.

God help us!

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