An interesting fact about Dick Cheney

I have written previously of my respect and admiration for Dick Cheney.  He has been much maligned for his hunting accident, control of President Bush, and as the evil, former, CEO of Haliburton.  The last one vexes me however.  I never understood why becoming the CEO of a successful company was a bad thing, but I digress.   Whatever your opinion of him, here is a little piece of information you may not know about the former Vice President.  He is a very generous man.  In 2005, according to his tax returns and two independent sources, Mr. Cheney gave a whopping $8,819,006 to charity.  The amount represented almost 77% of his income for the year.  Not bad for an evil, money grubbing, callous, Republican.
Dick Cheney

God bless the Cheneys.

God help us!

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