Too Bad!

I don’t care if you’re offended.  Actually, I’m offended that you are offended.  You can interpret my cartoon whichever way you choose.  If you believe the ape is a veiled reference to the president, good, then it is.  I’m offended that you, the Looters, the professionally offended, the non-producers, are using the government to extort my hard earned money to pay your mortgage because you’re too busy being offended to provide for yourselves.

How do I know you are the Looters?  You are the only ones that have the time to sit around and look for things to be offended about.  You are the only ones who have time to protest in front of The New York Post headquarters, in the middle of the afternoon, for two days, because you don’t have jobs or businesses. You are the “parasites living on the labor of the industrious”.

Actually, let me take this one step further, not only do I not care that you’re offended, I’m glad you’re offended.  To quote a great Red State contributor, Mbecker, “Go spit up a rope!”.

This is the apology I wish The New York Post and Sean Delonas, the cartoon’s creator, would have issued in response to the prattling of the Looters.

For good measure, I have posted the cartoon again below.

NY Post Cartoon

God help us!

Crippy’s World