Another Good Idea From Broward County

Infamously known for the “pregnant chad”, and because they couldn’t read their voting ballot, voting for Pat Buchanan instead of Algore, Broward County, Florida has taken another step towards ensuring it produces another generation of idiots. The Broward Country School Board has set homework limits for schools.

From Sun-Sentinel:

The School Board on Wednesday unanimously approved homework guidelines that urge teachers to assign academically challenging work while also being considerate about not assigning too much homework.

While the policy doesn’t stipulate time limits for homework, the district’s guidelines suggest 10 minutes of work for each grade level. A first grader’s assignment would take about 10 minutes to finish, while a high school junior’s total homework load would take 110 minutes.

Board member Phyllis Hope said she sympathizes with overloaded students, and the parents who help them. She watched her 12-year-old grandson Tuesday night, and spent four hours helping him with a project.

Phyllis, I sympathize with you as well. You are probably a product of your own school system. The amount of time you spent with your grandson and his homework, probably has little to do with him, or the amount of work he was given.

God help us!

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