Dick Cheney a man of honor

I always liked Dick Cheney. I gained a special affinity for him when he destroyed John Edwards in the 2004 Vice-Presidential debate. This story from the NYDaileyNews only deepens that affinity. The story reports how Cheney, right up until the time Obama took office, implored President Bush to grant Scooter Libbey, a victim of a Stalinist show trial, a full pardon. Cheney’s persistence in the matter apparently strained a once warm relationship with former President George W. Bush.

In the waning days of the Bush administration, Vice President Dick Cheney launched a last-ditch campaign to persuade his boss to pardon Lewis (Scooter) Libby – and was furious when President George W. Bush wouldn’t budge.

Sources close to Cheney told the Daily News the former vice president repeatedly pressed Bush to pardon Libby, arguing his ex-chief of staff and longtime alter ego deserved a full exoneration – even though Bush had already kept Libby out of jail by commuting his 30-month prison sentence.

Unable to find any shred of credible evidence that anyone in the administration did anything to compromise the identity of a non-covert, covert CIA agent, Valerie Plame, the left conducted a witch hunt and was able to convince a jury that Libbey committed perjury. Their lone evidence was that Libbey’s version of a conversation with Tim Russert differed from Russert’s account.

Although President Bush did commute Libbey’s sentence saving him from jail time, Libbey was still fined $250,000, disbarred, and as a convicted felon is unable to practice law or vote.

With all the back stabbing President Bush suffered, from the likes of ingrates like Colin Powell and Scot McClellan, the least the President could have done was pardon Libbey. If for no other reason, as a favor to the loyal Cheney. In this case the old adage holds true, no good deed goes unpunished.

God help us!

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