Ask and ye shall receive?

At President Obama’s town hall meeting in Elkhart, Indiana yesterday, some members of the audience had some interesting requests.

Henrietta Hughes asked for a new car, a new kitchen, a new bathroom, and a new house, she’s homeless.

Julio Osequeda, a student at Edison State University and a McDonald’s employee for the last four years, asked the President to mandate better pay and benefits for long tenured McDonald’s employees

Another man wants his full salary replaced by Unemployment Benefits. He’s currently making $3400 a month and will only receive $1100 a month from unemployment.

Why do these people have to ask for these things? I thought, like Peggy Joseph, Obama was going to provide all of these things on his own.

I’m quite certain these requests will be granted but by whom will they be provided, you guessed it.

God help us!

Crippy’s World