Obama inaugural speaker has terrorist ties

Ingrid Mattson is the president of the Islamic Society of North America.  She is one of several religious leaders scheduled to speak at the prayer service at Washington’s National Cathedral.  Like the majority of people surrounding him, and for that matter Barack Hussein Obama himself, controversy is a close friend of Ms. Mattson’s.

The International Herald Tribune reports that the Islamic Society of North America has ties to the terrorist group Hamas.  Reminiscent of Barack Hussein Obama’s propensity to vote “present” on every major issue in the senate, inaugural committee spokesman Linda Douglas, would not comment on the situation or say whether the committee new about Mattson’s questionable ties.

But in 2007 and as recently as last July, federal prosecutors in Dallas filed court documents linking the Hartford, Conn.-based Islamic society to the group Hamas, which the U.S. considers a terrorist organization.

Neither Mattson nor her organization have been charged. But prosecutors wrote in July that they had “a wide array of testimonial and documentary evidence expressly linking” the group to Hamas and other radical groups.

What is just as troubling is that Ms. Mattson was no stranger to the Bush administration either.

Mattson has been the guest of honor at State Department dinners and has met with senior Pentagon officials during the Bush administration. She also spoke at a prayer service at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

There is something rotten in Chicago and it is making its way to Washington.

God help us!

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