California liberals set to launch assault on televisions

Liberalism knows no bounds.  California state legislators are set to impose energy regulations on televisions manufacturers.  The regulations, which are set to pass in mid-2009, would go into effect in 2011.  From the Los Angeles Times:

State regulators are getting ready to curb the growing power gluttony of TV sets by drafting the nation’s first rules requiring retailers to sell only the most energy-efficient models, starting in 2011.

Apparently, new LCD, flat-screen televisions consume 43% more energy than old tube T.V.s.  This increased consumption is straining California’s power grid.

But the California Energy Commission is looking for ways to relieve the strain on the power grid.

Of course the thought of generating more power never crosses the legislature’s collective mind.  God forbid new energy plants be built to keep up with technology and growing demands for power.  The only solution is to restrict business and stunt growth.  I’m not sure why they don’t just outlaw new televisions all together.  Why not mandate that people use tube T.V.s forever?

Of course this legislation will only lead to a black or “gray” market as the Times calls it.

Some manufacturers could struggle to meet the new standards, particularly those that make plasma TVs. And the regulations could create a “gray” market, sending consumers intent on buying power-hungry models to Amazon.com and other Internet retailers based outside the state.

This “gray” market will have the same results as the assault on SUVs and gas consumption.  In state sales of new televisions will shrink,  energy consumption will decrease,  and both of these will decrease state tax revenue.  As we all know, government can never do with less, so new taxes will be implemented and existing taxes will be increased to meet the revenue short fall.

This entire concept is madness.  Nobody in government appears to have even the slightest knowledge of economics.  The government constantly wants more and more while doing everything in its power to stunt growth an productivity.  This effectively creates a zero sum game.  The pie never grows, the government takes more, and refuses to let anybody bake another one.

God help us!

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