God help Oregonians, New Yorkers, all of us!

There is no end and no recognizable limit to government’s lust for power.  How far our republic has descended; from a representative democracy to conspiring, masses, of vampires, scheming to suck the lifeblood from everything in their sphere.

Yesterday I wrote about the lunacy of the Oregon mileage tax, however, in light of New York’s Fat Tax, it seems somehow less insane.  The Fat Tax is New York Governor Patterson’s proposal for an additional 18% tax on “non-nutritional drinks like soda”.  An initial poll showed New Yorkers opposed to the tax 60-37.  But this has not deterred the vampires in Albany.

Patterson has sent out State Health Commissioner Richard Daines to explain and sell the Fat Tax.  From NY Daily News dot com:

The point, according to Daines, is to disincentivize sugary drinks, which research shows are the top culprit in the childhood obesity epidemic, and encourage people to return to 1970s-era levels of consumption of other, less fattening beverages like milk and water.

The side benefits, according to Daines, include the fact that cutting down on soda saves money for consumers and whittling the state’s collective waistline could save money for taxpayers in the form of fewer obesity-related health problems that need to be treated – particularly for Medicaid recipients.

However, once the taxing has started there will be no end.  If the tax is imposed and liberal, nirvana achieved, what would the next step be?  With a drop in “non-nutritional drink” sales and a corresponding drop in tax revenue how will the vampires quench their thirst.

Some have suggested that the state is unfairly picking on the soda industry and asked why, if this is indeed a policy initiative, the governor doesn’t push things to their logical conclusion by taxing everything that’s fattening – from Twinkies to french fries – or perhaps even adopt Assemblyman Felix Ortiz’s proposal of cutting to the chase and taxing overweight people themselves.

Like good Stalinist, Daines, explains that the controlled infection will be spread incrementally.

Daines’ response was quite Spitzeresque: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. The commissioner also insisted he is neither surprised nor daunted by the Q poll’s findings nor deterred by the “nanny state” arguments about keeping government out of people’s personal lives.

“Simply because you can’t or don’t want to do everything doesn’t mean you can’t do the first thing or the most important thing,” Daines told me during a recent interview.

“If you take a fair-minded look at the literature, you will see that the first and most important to do is to go after these beverages. We paralyze ourselves if we say we have to do everything at once or do nothing.”
“…The message here is moderation, not abstinence,” the commissioner continued. “I’ve seen lives ruined and controlled by things like obesity and tobacco and other addictions. If you really want your life controlled by that, it’s like having a dominatrix instead of a nanny.

Commissioner, exponentially more lives have been ruined by tyranny than “obesity and tobacco and other addictions”.

God help us.

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