Rebuttal To Ayers' Op-ed

No, it is not printed in any outlet of the Ministry of Propaganda.  I ran across a link to it on Ace of Spades.  The link was to a story on Pajama’s Media by Bob Owens, Op-Ed the New York Times Wouldn’t Run.

The article contains an op-ed written by Larry Grathwohl. Grathwohl had infiltrated the Ayars’ terrorist group, The Weather Underground, and saw first hand the horrors Ayers’ was capable of.  He submitted teh piece to the NYT but it was rejected.

“Response to ‘The Real Bill Ayers’”

-By Larry Grathwohl

My name is Larry Grathwohl and I infiltrated the Weather Underground for the FBI. I had no idea when my journey began in August 1969 that I would see and experience the degree of violence and hatred of our democracy that existed in the Weather Underground. Bernardine Dorhn, Bill Ayers, and the other people I would meet had as their sole purpose the destruction of the United States. The fact that I ultimately became the only source of information regarding the activities of the Weather Underground and the fact that Bill Ayers now claims their goal was only to bring about the end of the war in Vietnam requires me to respond.

read Mr. Grathwohl’s full response here.

Also, here is a story from Donna Ronn who claims Ayers forced her to have sex with his brother black roommate to prove she wasn’t a bigot.

Mr. Ayers has had a remarkable life of crime.  From terrorism to murder to rape to advising the president-elect of the United States.

God help us!