Photos of Obama and Putin Interesting(?)

The Drudge Report has two shirtless photos posted today.  One of President-elect Barack Hussein Obama and one of Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin.  There is a poll beneath the pictures where visitors can vote for which “leader” looks better with his shirt off.  Although both look better than me, neither looks particularly good.  That being said however, the thing that struck me most about the two pictures is that the former KGB Agent and current Russian Dictator is wearing a small gold cross while Barack Hussein Obama is not.

Admittedly, wearing a cross, or the absence of one, does not prove or disprove one’s belief, however, I did find the disparity interesting especially when considered along with his refusal to wear the American Flag and refusal to put is hand over his heart during the national anthem.  I understand and acknowledge being on the fringe but I still have doubts about his citizenship, religion, and most of all his allegiance.
Obama & Putin

God help us!