Rise of the food Nazis

A trendy New York restaurant is charging customers an extra 3% for food that they “waste”.  From wcbstv dot com:

At Hayashi Ya Japanese restaurant on the Upper West Side it’s all you can eat for $26.95, unless your eyes are bigger than your stomach and then — like the sign says — it will cost you extra.

The manager told CBS 2 HD the main motivation for the charge is to eliminate waste.

And cost.

“Tens of billions of dollars are wasted each year on food that is purchased and not eaten,” said Joel Berg of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger.(emphasis mine.)

The operative word above is PURCHASED.  In effect, Hayashi Ya is charging customers twice for the same food.  Punishing people for not finishing their meal is done to benefit the 17% of New Yorkers that cannot afford food.

“One in six residents can’t afford enough food at all,” Berg said. “We certainly don’t need on the other side of the spectrum fancy restaurants offering ridiculous excess portions.”

And wasted food goes into landfills and hurts the environment.

“Most of the food that’s wasted ends up in landfills,” Berg said. “That’s not only bad for the environment; some of it could have gone to feed hungry people.”

It is hard to believe that anybody will still patronizes the establishment but apparently;

Patrons said they don’t mind the surcharge because it helps with their waistline. The manager said he implemented the extra cost two years ago to help with the restaurant’s bottom line.

The bottom line of the story is that Americans are selfish and greedy and need to be punished for their decadence.

God help us!

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