Global warming update: Rare arctic blast head for So Cal

Two weather forecasters are predicting near record low temperatures for California. Kevin Martin from the Ontario Weather Service says:

With a warm November, Southern California is finally ready for cold storms to make their way in. Resort level snow will be likely next week, and in pretty hefty amounts if things stay on track. OWSweather.com Meteorologist Kevin Martin predicts a 50 year event. While Martin is usually conservative on these events, the pattern highly favors it. “We are in a pre-1950 type pattern, “said Martin. “We know we are due for a winter storm sometime this year. The type we may be dealing with will be ranked up there with the known years before 1950, which set record low daytime temperatures into the forecast region. With this, may come low elevation snow.”

Further, forecaster Cameron Venable, sees “very cold temperatures in the Los Angeles areas as well”.

Good thing we have a president-elect that thinks “The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear” and that “few challenges are more urgent than climate change“.

God help us!

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