Accountability & Viability

On Fox Business Channel this afternoon, democrat “leaders” from both houses of congress crowded around a microphone to talk about “viability & accountability” regarding the auto industry crisis. The “leaders” said that no welfare would be given to Detroit’s Big Three until hey provided a detailed plan that paved a road to solvency.Among the leaders were Senate Leader Harry Reid, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Congresssman Barney Frank, and Senator Chuck Schumer. If they were not in positions of power, the scene could have been considered a comedy; instead, it is an American Tragedy.

Harry Reid couldn’t help keep repeating that the three CEOs flew to Washington in private jets. Too bad nobody brought up shady land deals engineered by corrupt politicians, exemptions for northern Californian tuna companies from minimum wage requirements, running gay prostitution rings out of apartments, and graduating from law school, immediately entering politics and never producing a thing in your life.

Welfare of any form, is ludicrous on its face; but, Reid, Pelosi, Frank, and Schumer, sitting in judgment over anyone, is far more outlandish than any remotely sane person should be forced to endure. “Viability” – these people should know much about because they run the most economically viable business ever created. They produce nothing, have a virtually unlimited source of revenue, and have access to their own printing press.

As for “accountability”, apparently these politicians’ constituents are satisfied with their performance. Reid has been serving in the House from 1983 to 1987 and the Senate since 1987. Pelosi has been serving since she was first elected in 1987, Schumer since 1998, and Frank since 1981. What have they been held accountable for? Such is our republic.

God help us!

Crippy’s World