Few challenges are more urgent than climate change?

President-elect Barack Obama released a video urging governors to address climate change. In it he says:

“The science is beyond dispute and the facts are clear”. Really? What science, junk science? Or maybe the president-elect is referring to lunatic NASA scientists making up figures to support their preposterous allegations of man made global warming. As the evidence mounts against one of the biggest hoaxes perpetrated against free people everywhere, the Global Warming Marxists scream louder and make up figures to support their ridiculous “theories”.

From Investor’s Business Daily:

Despite record snows and low temperatures around the world last month, a major Al Gore supporter says October was the hottest on record. The only thing being cooked here is not the Earth, but the books.

James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies and global warming alarmist, is Al Gore’s favorite scientist, part of that mythical global warming “consensus” that says we are doomed and man is the culprit. On Nov. 10 he announced that last month was the hottest October on record and we were still doomed.

Dr. Hansen has not only become global warming’s Robin to Al Gore’s Batman, he has also been a critic of the “deniers,” those who dare to insist that the debate is far from over, and that the computer models used can’t even predict the past, much less the future.

Back in the the late 70’s the “experts” were warning of the onset of another ice age. In fact, as documented in Fire & Ice from the Business & Media Institute, the climate change lunatics and their accomplices in the media and government change their minds every fifty years. Now they have one of their own getting ready to become the most powerful man in the world.

Side Note: When experts are consistently wrong, when are they no longer experts?

God help us!

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