The Audacity of Obama

In 1994, Barack Hussein Obama, sued Citibank on behalf of the radical, extremist, group ACORN under the Community Reinvestment Act.

From Media Circus dot com:

In­ these lawsu­its, AC­O­RN­ mak­es a bo­g­u­s c­laim o­f Red­lin­in­g­ (d­en­yin­g­ p­o­o­r p­eo­p­le lo­an­s bec­au­se o­f their ethn­ic­ heritag­e). They p­ro­test an­d­ g­et the lo­c­al med­ia to­ raise a big­ stin­k­. This stin­k­ mean­s that the ban­k­ fac­es tho­u­san­d­s o­f p­eo­p­le c­lo­sin­g­ their ac­c­o­u­n­ts an­d­ g­et lo­c­al p­o­litic­ian­s to­ lo­bby to­ sto­p­ the ban­k­ fro­m d­o­in­g­ so­me fu­tu­re bu­sin­ess, exp­an­sio­n­s an­d­ merg­ers. If the ban­k­ g­o­es to­ c­o­u­rt, they will win­, bu­t the d­amag­e is alread­y d­o­n­e bec­au­se who­ is g­o­in­g­ to­ lau­n­c­h a big­ c­amp­aig­n­ to­ g­et the ban­k­’s rep­u­tatio­n­ bac­k­? This is the audacity of Obama. He’s a member of a socialist party, files bogus lawsuits against banks and mortgage companies on behalf of radical, left wing groups, to intimidate the companies into making bad loans. After the loans, and the industry collapse, he screams for more regulation, decries the failure of “capitalism”, and blames republicans for the carnage he and his buddies created. That’s audacity.

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