Calif. Unions Get More Gov’t Jobs as Everyone Else Loses Theirs

How is it that California’s unemployment rate can be at 11.6% and still soaring yet California’s public employees unions are getting more jobs? How is it that those taxpayers paying the bills are losing jobs by the thousands yet those taking taxpayer dollars are being hired right and left?

On August 4th, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association wondered this same thing noting that “During the 12 months that ended in June, state government added 3,600 jobs in California, a 0.7 percent gain.”

“I don’t know how this can happen,” said David Kline, a spokesman for the California Taxpayers Association. “A lot of people are having trouble keeping their jobs, paying their bills, and feeding their families. Most taxpayers would be incredulous if they see these numbers.”

So, the unions are finding the worst economic crash in decades much to their liking because, while everyone else suffers, the unions are finding thousands of new jobs offered them by a compliant government. High times, indeed.

Governor Schwarzenegger has tried to get a handle on this budget mess by attempting to furlough these union workers in hopes of saving some cash here and there. But Ahnold is soon to depart the scene, so what will happen next will have to await the results of the upcoming elections?

For sure this situation is ripe for a hard charging, tax fighting, growth oriented Republican to come forward and win the next race for California governor.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like anyone in CA is going to be that candidate.

For instance, State Controller and Democrat John Chiang drafted a letter back in February that demanded that the Governator stop all that union employee furloughing and saving of money business.

And who signed onto that union supporting letter but State Insurance Commish Poizner, a GOP candidate for governor?! Poizner, along with all the other Democrats in state wide office were upset that the unions were being expected to feel any of the pain that those lowly taxpayers were feeling. Why is this? I wish I knew.