McCain Take Off The Gloves!

As a conservative it is unfortunate Obama won the debate. I am appalled at Obama yet disappointed with McCain for a few reasons.

  1. When speaking of the economy Obama talks with both sides of his mouth. He wants to create jobs but wants to tax job creators. You can’t have it both ways. The people who by the sweat of their labors build companies and employ workers are not going to continue to do so if it is cheaper and more conducive to leave the country, especially when they can sell their products in America. While talking about the economy, Obama sat on the stool and chuckled at McCain. Why didn’t McCain say to the American people “my opponent may think our dire economy is funny as he sits there and smirks, but this is serious business and it takes serious leadership.” A lost opportunity!

Further, we cannot blame everything on President Bush. One thing nobody would like to talk about, including McCain, is the disasters we have faced during the Bush era. How about September 11th, Katrina, or fighting two wars? These things have an impact on our economy that is uncontrollable, yet everything is blamed on President Bush. Stop pointing fingers! The Democrats would like you to believe Bush created Katrina or somehow was responsible for September 11.

2. McCain needed to come out and tell the American people President Bush did not create the housing crisis and Obama needs to stop pointing the blame. If history recalls correctly it was President Clinton who called for loosening the restrictions on mortgages so every American, even those who could not afford them could purchase a mortgage. It is time to hold people accountable and stop playing politics. Thos in Congress and the financial institutions that back them need to be exposed and kicked to the curb. This is a serious problem and one McCain glossed over last night.

  1. On foreign policy Obama keeps talking about hunting down Bin Laden in Afghanistan. If he knows where he is located, why doesn’t he tell the American people? Why doesn’t McCain call him out on this! Even bigger Obama said last night under his foreign policy doctrine the United States should and would intervene during instances of genocide. The Democrats have made Iraq about weapons of mass destruction but last time I checked Saddam Hussein was one of the largest perpetrators of genocide, killing and gassing millions of his own people. Where is McCain?

McCain needed to take the gloves off and nail Obama on the substantive issues that are deeply concerning to the American people, he failed to do so. This is exactly why we should not elect Senators to the office of the Presidency and why we have not since 1960. They cannot and will not take the gloves off and swing hard enough to deliver the blows the American people deserve