The "Wisconsin Lie Exposed"...Lie Exposed

This is just STUPID.

Rick Ungar of Forbes writes about the Wisconsin Standoff:


Taxpayers Actually Contribute Nothing to Public Employee Pensions? Oh really? Then where does the money come from? The Tooth Fairy? The bottom line is that every single penny that public employees are compensated with come from taxpayers (hint: that’s why they are called “public” employees)… it doesn’t matter whether the compensation is called “salary” or “pension contributions”.

Unions know that the salaries that their members are receiving are ridiculously high. To mask how high the union members salaries really are, they negotiate for some of the compensation to be paid directly into retirement pensions, instead of it coming out of the employees paycheck AFTER they have been paid. This is just a shell game played by the unions and anyone who is intellectually honest and reasonably informed knows it. High profile athletes do this for tax saving purposes. Unions do it to extort even more $$$$ from their employers and to camouflage how much money their members are making.

Oh I’m smart enough to read the article and follow how David Cay Johnson, like a good magician, deftly & cleverly misdirects, takes our attention away from the simple facts, and makes it appear that up is down, black is white and in is out. But I’m also smart enough to see through the misdirection and subtle “logic” games that David plays.

Just as when you see a magician do something that apparently defies the laws of physics, when you read a writer who says things that are patently false, or defies straight forward logic, you need to step back and do a sanity check, because you are about to be handed a totally bogus bag of goods. Here’s the basic sanity check for this article: If taxpayers really aren’t funding the union member’s pensions, then why would the union have a problem with Wisconsin passing a law restricting collective bargaining for pension benefits? Answer that one for me. See? All of the smoke and mirrors just blow away and shatter in the face of pure, simple straightforward thinking doesn’t it? Because if taxpayers really weren’t contributing to union members pensions, then the unions would have nothing to lose from Scott Walker’s proposed legislation.

David used the following quote himself:
“For the duration of this Agreement, the Employer will contribute on behalf of the employee five percent (5%) of the employee’s earnings paid by the State. ”

Any one who has two brain cells connected in their brain, and who doesn’t have an agenda, can take a look at what is happening in Wisconsin and see that Unions have gotten far too powerful, too greedy, and are concerned with nothing more than lining their pockets and becoming more powerful.

These teachers in Wisconsin are not poor, downtrodden workers who have been taken advantage of. They are well paid people who have cush jobs. And their reaction to having someone challenge their gravy train is telling about who they are.

And no, they don’t represent “the workers”. A better analogy for these unions would be “the mob” as in organized crime. A few minutes reflecting on the signs that they carry and the tactics they use are all that is needed to see who they really are, and what they are really all about. And NO, it is not about education or “the children”.

I hope that Gov Scott Walker is successful in Wisconsin, and after him John Kasisch in Ohio. Because this drunken orgy of financial indulgence by public service unions at the expense of taxpayers is unsustainable.