Did the Russians alter the Primaries?

The 2016 Primaries were filled with a large number of complaints of voting irregularities. These irregularities were also matched with polls.  Typically Trump under performed in most States compared to his polling. The only person to nearly continuously out perform was Ted Cruz.

Florida had issues in a county where the machines in 199 precincts did not work. The problem was a computer system that tracked who was allowed to vote. While this was not “fatal” for the County it is extremely unusual that so many precincts were unable to check voter tables. Interestingly enough Fulton and Gwinnet Counties in Georgia also suffered a very similar error. In fact Texas, Alabama and Colorado also had errors on Super Tuesday. The same errors. New York was a case of “did they change registration too late, or was there tampering?” for 126,000 voters.

However one State stands out above all others: Arizona

Arizona had multiple problems, one being made by the Government when they reduced the number of polling stations from 200 to 60  and they had many reports of Democrats and Republicans showing up and being listed as unaffiliated. The 200 to 60 part was obviously the work of the State Department and the Government of Arizona. However the computer errors stand out.

The recent Intercept Article lists eight States of interest: California, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, New York, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

Let us examine that list in detail: Indiana Trump exceeded the polls by 11.8%. Illinois was more subdued with Trump getting only 2.8% more than he polled. Florida was also subdued with only 2.8% higher than polls. North Carolina was an exception to this list, where Trump under performed while Ted Cruz exceeded even the wildest expectations. Virginia saw Rubio do alarmingly well where Trump also under performed. West Virginia however was extremely skewed for a candidate who in the vast majority of States was an under performer compared to polling. Trump gained a 17.9% advantage there. One of the last States for Trump to out perform inside of was New York. He did so by 7.3%.

Then there is this gem by the Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-nation/wp/2016/05/17/more-than-30-states-offer-online-voting-but-experts-warn-it-isnt-secure/

Nothing can go wrong with people having unsecured emails that can be brute forced and be able to be voted through, am I right? Thing is in the Oregon Voters Database I can get your email addresses if you submitted one, if you donated via an online donation site to a politician in a federal race I can get your email. How many do you think a reasonable hacker can get into? It’s not like hundreds of millions of emails and passwords have been hacked… Oh wait Amazon? And LinkedIn, DropBox, LastFM, MySpace, Adobe, Neopets, and Tumblr? Ok now maybe I am a little worried.

As noted Blogger and Columnist Streiff has said it appears that Obama was all words and no cows on the Russian Hacker side.

However it is time to talk about the obvious:

  1.  Hillary in her emails and the DNC emails thought that Trump was the weakest candidate
  2. Obama was supporting Hillary where he could.
  3. If Russia was hacking the Primaries and Obama was deciding to not talk about that then it would help Trump which in their view would help Hillary.

The facts now show, thanks to Reality Winner, the Russians were involved in Phishing Attacks on a select list of individuals at elections offices. The documents say it was going on from August to November. July was the Republican Convention. Is there evidence in a Federal Database of phishing, hacking, spoofing, and other methods to get at our elections software? Our elections officials? Donald Trump was probably told about the report that Winner sent to The Intercept and yet he never reported it. Hints were provided via leaks, a LOT of leaks, yet why did Trump, who is able to declassify it, seek to keep it Top Secret?

There is also a lot of evidence that States were deeply concerned AFTER the Primaries were over. Why be concerned unless they heard something, or experienced something?

Constant Updated Voting Records

As the Intercept article noted there is at least one company that real time updates voter data to a central server through the internet. The Russians have become the master of hacking. If you do not think so then ask my friends in the crypt.sci groups who have had Russian hackers show how poor our defenses are. The Russians are also known for their spy craft. In this case they have spy craft and hacking combined, something they would want hard to master.


Conclusion: It would appear after all the various portions of the datasets that there is enough evidence that an entity was causing trouble at various levels. The entity most obviously involved, with official records to prove it, was Russia.

Stay tuned for a breaking story. I am merely seeking an appropriate media person to use their credentials to seek some data sets from a private company (that would release to the media but not to individuals) to verify other data sets I have discovered. When this all comes together, if the data collaborates the finding, I will be showing a massive scale effort by the Russians to effect our Primaries and General Election.