The things Trump did NOT do on his first day

People are seemingly rejoicing the Trump did two things on his first day. That being a freeze on new regulations and the executive order on ObamaCare. I also noted that yes some of the websites changed and LGTBQ people are really pissy over it.

But what did not change? Turns out there is a very large list.

  1. Federal Contractor Wages
    It would seem to be obvious that the Obama Administration increased costs as much as they could. In fact they also mandated Union Labor whenever practical. These could have been ended with IMMEDIATE savings for the nation.
  2. The Syrian Refugees
    It seemed to me that this was a major focus. Trump would have the power to stop entry (for at least a while) of these people. Nope.
  3. Behavioral Science Studies
    This is especially an alarming thing (link) and I would have loved to see it suspended and then eliminated.
  4. The words “Islamic Terrorism”
    Remember how upset we got when Obama would never use the words terrorism. Good days, good days. Trump could have made it policy to call it what it is.
  5. Pipelines, drilling, and mining
    Trump could have over-ruled the Obama Administration on a number of things quickly and easily. Many of these are executive order based.
  6. Climate Change as a National Security Issue
    Another thing Trump was far too bored to change. (link) Frankly I really wanted that practice to end NOW. Remember when Obama had a ship running on algae? Or the ‘green biofuel‘ for jets at $150 a gallon?
  7. Smart Gun Promotion
    The stupid hurts, it burns. Yes Obama did THIS and Trump has not even cared to learn this exists it seems, or worse he does not care.
  8. Illegals
    The DREAMer thing is still there, the other portions of what Obama did for illegals is still there… executive orders that could be nixed with a pen. Bueller? Bueller?

The point of this exercise is that Trump made these significant promises. Obama made OVER 255 Executive Orders. Trump has nixed, only in part, one and asked for a pause in new regulations.

I see no swamp draining being done.

If Trump needs help then he can use this link just for the 2016 Executive Orders.trumpfaces