A message about Fake News

Fake news, false stories, misleading headlines oh my! Everywhere you look it seems people are talking about the recent flap, or how they mistrust zxy news because they are so fake.

One of the biggest examples is Dan Rather, who was involved in the Killian documents issue. The attack, 2 weeks before the 2004 election, is cited as proof of extensive efforts by the media to distort the truth, lie, and attack Republicans.

In the weeks before Iowa had their caucus Prntly said Huckabee had surged to second in polling. This was never based upon any real article, any real science, anything realistic. Yet the site posted the story giving relief to the sagging Huckabee campaign.

Brian Williams is famous as a “I was there” meme now after he acted as if he were at events he said took place but in fact never did. He and Dan Rathers worked for NBC ironically.

Infowars routinely makes ALARMING and SCARY headlines. From snake men to weather control devices the news was so awkwardly fake that Google long ago removed infowars from their news feed system.

A story in November of 2012 made headlines across a spectrum of news sites, where Google had bought a WiFi provider, for $400 million. This sparked from a single fake press release.

Then there is how Fox News treated the Marco Rubio 3rd place finish in Iowa, crowning him the king as it were.

Breitbart has changed so much from a source of facts and figures to an occult club designed to get their master and leader elected.
I can make a list of 100,000 complaints of biased, faked, false, misrepresented, bad headlined, and other news issues. We can of ALL the news agencies. Not just one, ALL OF THEM! Don’t get me started on commentary.

So I can post Snopes and people get fired up. I can post Fox News and people pooh pooh me. No source has a lack of taint anymore. No one is pure anymore.

The problem is we now need to act like intelligent humans and read the arguments from multiple points and discern as much of the truth as they can. But a disease, once limited to only the left, has infected us all. That is the “I don’t have time for that” disease.

So there is a person posting a news story that Obama is getting impeached. It is not posted on many websites and it is posted on the lowest level of stupid sites with the highest fakery rate. Yet this person believes whole heartedly and is cheering that Obama will be impeached. How did they act when it did not come true? How can they go on posting yet more clearly fake news and acting as if it is real after that?

Society has come to the point where it does not want the real news, the real news is too depressing. Instead society wants the news to be saying what they want to hear even if later it turns out that news was lying and the event never happened.

This is how I know we live in the time of Satan, when lies have more value than truth. God have mercy on all of our souls.