All of the Trump supporters dreams are already dying

If you were alive with a heart beat during the Primaries you heard that Trump would do so many amazing things. From auditing the Fed to closing the BLM (Not Black Lives Matter, the other BLM).

The problem is his supporters did not under any circumstances listen that he was pretty much the opposite of what they were promised.


  1. Trump will not be associated with Goldman Sachs
    This was a prevalent and long lasting meme. Even when he was praising the man running Goldman Sachs they said he would not be hiring them on his team. 
    He hired a number more of them than any President before
  2. Trump will close the Bureau of Land Management
    The truth is he loves the BLM. If you supported LaVoy Finnicum and voted for Trump in the Primary you proved a traitor to the cause instead of a patriot
    Problem: Trump is on record stating those lands are best under Federal Governance
  3. Trump will increase jobs
    This was a big reason to vote Trump for some in the primaries.
    Problem: Trump wants a trade war and since we rely upon trade for a number of things this means jobs will go DOWN significantly
  4. Trump will choose a conservative judge
    This was the biggest statement from early on that made me laugh. Any judge that Trump selects will be willing to limit the 1st Amendment. That will be the Trump major most requirement
    Problem: Trump has yet to announce who he will be putting forward when sworn in.
  5.  Obamacare will be gone
    This was also a long desire of Republicans. This has been a disaster of a medical plan.
    Problem: The Paul Ryan budget bill keeps spending at the Obama level, which means either Obamacare is not gone or is replaced by a like sized major disaster of socialized medicine.
  6. The budget will be balanced and taxes will go down
    This was supposed to be the effect of a businessman, except the Paul Ryan plan keeps the taxes the same, keeps the spending the same, and changes nothing. Nothing at all.
    Problem: No cuts, no reductions, no balancing
  7. No liberals in his White House
    Oops here as well, some of his appointments love common core, others believe in Global Warming, and so forth. In fact the GWB cabinet seems positively hard right compared to the Trump cabinet. Of course the common Trumper cannot see the problems as of yet, but they will
    Problem: Very liberal leaning cabinet appointments
  8. Prosecute Hillary
    Nope, not happening, so sorry but you saw that coming right?
    Problem: Why would he prosecute a friend of the family?
  9. EPA will get fixed
    Under Trump this is very iffy, in fact Trump is going about the removal of the restrictions in the absolute wrong way. This means lawsuits can be issued which will defeat the entire effort to restrain them.
    Problem: Trump is trying to do it by fiat, instead of hiring the scientists who will do the process of disproving Man Made Climate Change hysteria.
  10. “Clean the swamp”
    The problem here is that the swamp is getting condo’s, not being cleaned. Most significantly is that Trump is not divesting of his assets but instead is letting his children run it (while claiming they have taken over as if owning it when in fact he still retains ownership at this juncture).
    Problem: They will realize the swamp is doubling in size with ease.

All of this was predictable of course, but there you go, the Republicans set to give the Democrats power back in 4 years after a disaster of a Trump administration. Trump will go down in history as one of the worst Republican Presidents ever, if not the actual worst one.