A conservative talk about fake news

Before liberals were talking about it, before the media was talking about it, before Team Trump was talking about it (sorry for repeating myself so much) I was talking about fake news. I was on the front line as one of the more prolific grass roots activists for the Ted Cruz campaign. Fake news was indeed everywhere.


What had been exclusively a PrisonPlanet and InfoWars exclusive market was suddenly a free for all on fake news. But it was not just ever fake news and it was not just the news but how they spread the news that was part of the issue. I wrote a pair of relevant chapters in my book “The #NeverTrump War”. To demonstrate my knowledge I intend to show exactly the problem from not a liberal view, after all they love fake news when it is against us, but from a conservative view.

The fake news sites were so many, from Prntly to theconservativetreehouse, we saw fake news erupt with a vengence on the scene on social media. I devised a few memes to combat it and watched those memes take off for a long while, where people were posting the fake news alert memes I had made. There was a few different sources of the fake news and it was reported upon frequently in the media. From Macedonia, to Russia, to major people inside the United States, we saw the number of fake articles go and overwhelm the real media on social media.

Like most click bait the fake media played to what people WANTED to see on a news article. Headlines such as “New Hillary Emails found, proves she had people killed” could be made and since people want to believe the headline they would share it.

But as hinted it was not the fake news that makes the story, it is HOW the fake news was delivered. There were servers with virtual Windows programs running, each with a different Facebook account tied to it. Those accounts would join groups, use friend request algorithms to grow their friend lists, and they would share the fake news stories they were assigned. They also were linked to know if a person had replied to a story. Multiple accounts would quickly post, often without care of the original reply because they were copy/pastes by people who did not understand our language so well.

Those accounts would share memes, stories from fake news sites, and would post badly written hack jobs on Ted Cruz and other candidates. I know how it works because I theorized a similar system which is more 1984 than I wish to admit, and so effective it would work. It did work because we have Trump.

Acting as if there is no fake news stories is bad for conservatism, instead we need to acknowledge that they existed and were there. Yes liberals are making fake stories as well, and they have since who knows when, but we are supposed to be made of better stuff, we are supposed to hold ourselves to better standards than the left, we are supposed to be the ethical and moral people, not the other immoral and unethical people.