It would be nice if Trump...

So Trump is President Elect. Let us make a list of things we would like to see…


  1. EPA stopped from making puddles, streams, and ponds into water they regulate. Oh and ditches, irrigation channels, etc. Just get them back to the core of what they did with navigable waters and nothing else.
  2. Stop the EPA on Climate Change alarmism. Spank it out of them.
  3. Speaking of climate change there are other agencies, such as NOAA, the Armed Forces, Homeland Security, and far far more that have been made to have Climate Change policy… how about scrapping that nonsense please?
  4. Make Coal Great Again! In other words end the super regulations on coal, no carbon tax, etc.
  5. Make Trucking Great Again by eliminating points for drivers who get warnings or have accidents not of their own fault. Yes I would profit from that, an axle broke and my trailer rolled over. I cannot be responsible for a friggin axle with no signs of fatigue! Hundreds of thousands of drivers are currently in a bad way from Obama’s trucking rules.
  6. End the Iran nuclear deal
  7. End Obamacare outright
  8. Build that wall
  9. Make the border patrol great again by making them look and arrest illegals again!
  10. End Operation Chokepoint.
  11. Make civilian asset seizure stuff illegal… get a conviction to take stuff from people!
  12. Build the damned pipeline!
  13. Let’s sell oil and natural gas to Europe, they want ours, we can profit, others will lose who do not support us… a great combination
  14. End the sex change stuff in the military. Complex long-term medical things should never be offered by the military, readiness for action is always supposed to be key. No more sex changes inside the military!
  15. For that matter make it illegal to force insurance companies to insure Sex Changes!
  16. Protect Christians again… we are being persecuted for just wanting a voice!
  17. Reduce some of the severe regulations out there
  18. Reduce the severe taxes already… highest business taxes in the World!
  19. Balance the damned budget!
  20. Audit the fed!
  21. Get a Prosecutor to look over Hillary Clinton with a fine toothed comb
  22. Mike Lee for SCOTUS
  23. End the requirement to hire Union Labor only
  24. Break the Teachers Union up into 5 smaller unions under Anti-Trust Laws
  25. Restrict road funds to make roads and repair roads for vehicles!
  26. End Federal funds for that Hyper expensive train in California
  27. Set up permanent health savings accounts
  28. Get the government out of college loans
  29. Spank the hell out of the VA for the waiting lists… they need to end that crap!
  30. Ban States from regulating gasoline carbon requirements, engine efficiency, and such unless the car is 100% built in their State and only operates in their State!
  31. End the Federal vehicle requirements. If we all want SUV’s then let us all have cheaper gas guzzling SUV’s!
  32. End any regulation preventing a person from putting up a small pond on their property. That one farmer who got hit hard for having a pond should be compensated for his misery!
  33. Open the Federal lands to oil and natural gas
  34. For that matter open the Federal lands for mining and timber as well!
  35. Open the old roads into the nature areas that Obama closed, give the public access to their lands again!
  36. For that matter get the Federal Government to give up the lands to the States already!
  37. BLM, not Black Lives Matter but the other BLM, get them to give up their land grabs, return illegally seized lands, let ranchers ranch, let people have their livelihoods back! LaVoy Finnicum would really appreciate it!
  38. Prevent a conflict of interest, sell your assets outside the United States.
  39. Actually remove the illegals and do not let them back in.
  40. Get the Federal Government out of the birth control business. Let them buy their own damned pills or condoms!
  41. End all funds to Planned Parenthood
  42. For that matter end Abortions, get a Supreme Court Judge (or four) who will deliberately vote to protect the rights of the unborn!
  43. Frank-Dodd… just kill it
  44. For that matter kill all the new stuff Obama put up
  45. End all of the Obama Executive Orders
  46. Build up the military
  47. End Americorps, it is abused by Democrats to put liberals into jobs supporting their pet projects for free.
  48. Bring food stamps back to earth, the amounts of money involved is insane
  49. End exclusive contracts for space launches
  50. Keep the internet here!
  51. The United States relies upon trade for 30% of our jobs, don’t screw that up.
  52. Repeat that iron dust dumping in the ocean which caused plankton to bloom which fed a record sized salmon run… or at least remove barriers from States and companies doing such.
  53. Missile Defense Shield… put it back into action!
  54. I know you won’t but damned a flat tax or Fair Tax would be so nice.
  55. Fight the gun restrictions around the nation…
  56. Delete your Twitter Account
  57. Eliminate the various restrictions and requirements of Ethanol
  58. End sugar subsidies!
  59. End all subsidies!
  60. Bring Medicare and Medicaid back to normal levels
  61. Right To Work as national law.
  62. Interstate Gun Travel Rights
  63. No men in womens rooms
  64. End Affirmative Action
  65. That lightbulb thing… END THE RESTRICTIONS
  66. Clean Energy devices which are so underpowered… end that crap as well!
  67. Did I mention subsidies above? Well also work on preventing anyone from being required to purchase solar or wind energy, or any “green” energy.
  68. Break the Longshoremans union for being a monopoly over port labor, 10 portions should work.
  69. You won so release your tax records, let us see them!
  70. Move the embassy to Jerusalem
  71. Side with Israel, peace before any concessions!
  72. Make real trade deals, not that TPP crap.
  73. Work with Congress to remove the 0.1% of worst case judges. You know the ones who give sexual predators 1 week in jail type judges.
  74. Root out all government employees who participated in secret email loops to avoid FOIA requests and shove them out with a “You’re fired!” comment.
  75. Stop taking revenge upon conservatives, just end it, act Presidential.

Now this list is only a fractional list, with many large hand waves over departments, but I feel it is a great start to adding tens of millions of jobs back to the workforce. The sad thing is I expect the wall to be built only when Trump finds a way to profit monetarily from it, Obamacare to be replaced with Trumpcare (or worse to be ‘fixed’), and the military to be mostly rebuilt. We might at best see 2-3 more of these issues get addressed fully and maybe a dozen partially addressed…