A #NeverTrump Closing discussion

I am a #NeverTrump leader. In Facebook I am responsible for many of the attacks on Trump during the Primaries. I was in Cleveland with Delegates Unbound and Free The Delegates, and I wrote The #NeverTrump War. I never got any success like I would have wanted to. Instead my enemy did himself in.

The polls show this to be true. Those are strongly showing a complete meltdown coming before our eyes. My review of Nevada for example shows that Trump has lost that State already. The same with Florida and Michigan. So much for making Oregon, New York, and even California battlegrounds.

Trump did this himself. Instead of talking good policy, instead of talking about how he would really make America great he attacked. He always attacked. He attacked his own party, he attacked Democrats, he attacked independents, he went out of his way to attack those who were critical of him and he would attack those involved in his life… like Judges who had power to rule against him.

Trump did more harm than 100,000 of me could or would ever do to him. But his followers were just as bad. Fake news links, spam, threats, violence, and more. I was there in Cleveland and I know what you did. I know it all Trumpers. The polls show more Republicans will sit this out than otherwise would have voted. Therefore this “huge” turnout would have been much larger.

The biggest problem for Trump is he, and his ruthless followers, pissed off the Latin voters. Hispanics are voting, voting early, and in numbers enough to defy all the weighted polls ever done. No one saw it coming. Except if you ever did opposition research on Trump… then you saw it coming. But his people did not see it coming.

The angry uneducated white male is not enough to lift Trump to the top and those ladies who are disgusted with Trump know it. Men you do not get anywhere in life talking of grabbing women you meet by the pussy. But worse those uneducated men also did not think Latin voters would count because those Latin voters never counted before.

Except they were being activated, by Ted Cruz and by Marco Rubio. Two people that Trump went out of his way to utterly crush and humiliate. When this election is over those two will be the only two left in the party that can grab those votes. Choose wisely uneducated angry white males…. The pro-illegal immigrants get amnesty and citizenship guy or the build a wall and give the police powers to remove illegals guy.

I wish I could take credit for ending Trump, yeah I got like 400-500 books out there, I made a lot of posts, many people in my circles went 3rd party because I convinced them Trump was a disaster. I am a drop in the bucket, I am the static on a phone line, I am not a nightmare scenario for Trump. If I was then we would have won in the Primaries, or in Cleveland.

This was his battle and he did EVERYTHING WRONG. From attacking fellow candidates to attacking the race of judges he was wrong. From attacking nations and cultures to seeking to profit from those who donated to him he was wrong. From spooking donors to attacking party leaders who were supporting him he was wrong. From no ground game to closing offices after Primaries were over he was wrong. From lying that he would donate a billion dollars to every lie he told in his life he was wrong. He was the wrong candidate and no amount of anger was ever going to make him the right candidate.

It is going to be an ugly 4 years because you chose poorly. You did it, not me. I chose someone who was raking in the donations, who would have gotten the Latino voters to come to his banner, who was for a wall and who does not like lying. A strict Constitutionalist, a fighter, and a man who has done so much for us already. You chose someone based on emotions, I chose based on logic. Emotions are the strength of liberals, this is why you lost so resoundingly.

And make no mistake it will be a loss. The first polls open in 10 minutes in New Hampshire. It goes downhill from there. The end is nigh, the end of Trump’s campaign for President. Next up is his effort to profit from his deliberately failed campaign as a new media empire. He thinks you are suckers, after all if he can keep 2-3 million of you forking over money for years he will make way more than he spent. Congratulations on being born a sucker who will feed the profits of a lying sack of bovine excrement.


– The #NeverTrump King

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