Why the new Weinergate won't affect Hillary.

A lot of people think Hillary is done for, the problem for them is they are wrong. Algebra introduced math such as if X = 2 then 2(X) = ?

The lesson is because of the following:

X number of people are permanently #NeverTrump and those includes Democrats and Independents.

Y number of people are always going to vote Democrat.

In a fight of liberal (Hillary) versus liberal light (Trump) Z number of people will ALWAYS vote for the full liberal.

T number of people will see this change on the emails as the FBI trying to appease political forces.

U number of people will look at the older ruling, think of how little access Wiener had to Hillary and not think anything more.

A number of people will point and say it is proof, these people are already Trump or #NeverTrump Republicans so this group will not change the numbers.

B amount of people will have already voted and cannot change their votes.

C number of people will see the next thing Hillary roses or about Trump.

D number of people will see the ads Hillary will play with her $100 million in cash she has above Trump.


G number of people will be affected, but after all those others this group is the absolute smallest.


This is no Hail Mary for the Trump campaign, besides they did such a deep hole they cannot exploit it well. Attacking the party while resulting on the party was a bad idea.trump-debate-face